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The craze to have the hugely astounding hour-glass figure has brought forth the concept of waist training. It involves wearing a restrictive piece of clothing around your waist for successive periods of time. While some have touted it to be the quickest and easiest way to develop a stunning waistline, there are those who claim it is dangerous to your body organs. Here is a review of three categories of waist trainers.

Ann Chery 2022 3 Hooks Fajas Latex Vest Waist Trainer

ann-chery-2022-3-hooks-fajas-latex-vest-waist-trainerAnn Chery is your ultimate sports vest with three rows of hooks to give you a perfect fit. It is available in pink or blue with a black region running down the front. The cincher will exert a compression around your waist and stimulate thermal activity in your mid section; thus, hiking your perspiration rate. You won’t have to worry about toxins accumulating in your body as you aim for a slim waist. The Anny Chery waist trainer is your ultimate complement if you are the sports type.


The Ann Chery waist trainer has various features that you will find useful. First, it has three rows of hooks down the front to ensure a perfect fit. These hooks also enable you to progressively tighten the trainer as your waist becomes smaller with time. Moreover, the latex material ensures it is comfortable and flexible on your body.


The various advantages of the Ann Chery waist trainer include being comfortable as a result of its wide straps made from latex. The three rows of hooks make for a perfect fit as you can adjust them to fit your torso. It can be integrated into your daily program as you simply throw on your favorite top and go to work. It may also help improve your posture.

Down sides

This waist trainer has a few undesirable effects, but you can always deal with them. If you make it too tight, it may have a harmful effect on your internal body organs. Always ensure that it is not too tight. It may also make you uncomfortable in hot weather due to too much perspiration.

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If you are looking to slim down your torso for a smaller waist, Ann Chery 2022 is your best bet. You can find good deals on Amazon.

Camellia’s Corsets Women’s Waist Trainer Belt


camellias-corsets-womens-waist-trainer-beltThis is a Velcro dual closure belt that closes down on your waist to give you a narrow waist. Its back is meshed up to allow free movement of air, so you won’t be too sweaty using it.

Pros and Cons

Its pros include the meshed back to reduce sweating and the fact that you can wear it to work without anyone noticing the bulge. On the other hand, it may make you uncomfortable if you make it too tight.

Hourglass Angel Workout Band Waist Trainer


This is a waist band of sorts as it wraps tightly around your torso while you work out. It is another product by Ann Chery, and it is made of latex; hence, quite malleable.

hourglass-angel-workout-band-waist-trainerPros and Cons

It is flexible enough to accommodate your body and make you comfortable. You can also wear your tops over it and continue with your daily businesses. Their down sides include causing discomfort if it is too tight.


If you are looking to trim down your torso so as to achieve the hourglass waist, the best bet is the Ann Chery 2022 waist trainer.