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The Squeem Women’s Body Shaper comes in either black or beige. This makes it easy to match the colors with what you’re wearing so that you feel comfortable in knowing that no one can see what you have on underneath. The design smooths the waist, giving you an instant tummy tuck without the effort of exercising or dieting. It also emphasizes the natural curves of the body while helping to push up the breasts, giving a fuller look to this area of the body.

squeem-womens-body-shaper-latex-sport-girdle-1Excellent back support is given with the Squeem Body Shaper. This can also help to improve the posture as it forces you to stand up straight. There is an internal flexible bone that prevents the garment from bunching and rolling up while it’s worn. This feature provides for added comfort so that you aren’t thinking about pushing or pulling the shaper down.

Latex material makes the fabric soft against the skin while giving it enough stretch so that it’s easy to get on and off. There are several sizes available ranging from extra small to 5XL. Since there are no straps with the shaper, it’s ideal to wear with strapless dresses so that you can cinch in the waist or while wearing with elegant gowns.

Some who have worn the shaper have lost a few inches around the waist and in the tummy area as it forces the stomach to be held in around the front and the sides. Women have also been more aware of their posture while sitting or standing while wearing the shaper. When the shaper is worn, it takes a significant load off of the back, preventing the aches and pains that many experience form carrying extra weight or having poor posture. The Squeem Body Shaper is a garment that is ideal to wear before a special event or if you’re trying to jump start weight loss as it can trigger the body to lose inches.