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Waist cinching and corset training have made their way back into vogue. When trying to achieve that coveted hourglass figure, it can be difficult to know what to buy or where to start. This difficulty doubles when you happen to be plus size. Finding something that won’t completely cut off circulation but is still tight enough to give you the shape you want can be a challenging balance to strike. Lucky for us, the strapless black corset made by Rotita was up for just such a challenge.

rotita-strapless-solid-black-plus-size-corset-review1One of the most crucial parts about trying to find the right shape wear, particularly when it comes to corsets, is finding your actual size. This can be a tad tricky with shape wear because you are suppose to get something that is a bit smaller than you that is adjustable as the shape and weight of your body begins to shift and change. In reviews, the black corset by Rotita is actually said to run a little bit on the larger side, judging by a great majority of customer reviews. Some say they could have easily gone a size smaller. The elastic in the corset panels was commented on as being both sturdy and stretchy, which makes this the perfect corset for plus sizes that may vary in shape. It also has adjustable sizes for when you are ready for a slight size adjustment.

Another challenge on the road to the perfect shape is money. Waist cinchers and corsets aren’t typically cost effective. Even if you can find a cheap piece of shape wear here and there, it is a total gamble as to whether or not it will be beneficial at all. The Rotita strapless plus size corset takes out the anxiety and the guess work while also being kind to the budget friendly shopper. One verified customer reviewed the product as being the “cheapest waist trainer I’ve seen yet and I wear it everyday.” This review speaks volumes, and not just about the price. It speaks to the durability and the comfortable fit of this item. Particularly when compared to other brands. It is important to remember that a high price tag doesn’t ensure a corset that is going to give you the results you want. Even if something is reasonably priced, you have to make sure that this isn’t an item you are going to have to buy over and over and over again.

Feeling good about the way you look and the way you feel is important. When shape wear becomes a crucial part of meeting your own personal appearance goals, figuring out which brands will help and which brands will waste your time and money is a bit of an undertaking. Rotita is a fantastic option that won’t break the bank but will still get the job done right.