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The Rago Waist Trainer is a type of corset that is comfortable to wear at all times. The material shifts with the body and molds to the skin in a comfortable manner that helps to prevent it from showing while you wear everything from jeans to form-fitting dresses. This is a brand that holds up well after it’s washed and no matter what you’re doing during the day, such as working or simply enjoying some time with friends or family.

rago-waist-trainer-reviewThis waist trainer is made with satin, making it feel smooth next to the skin even if you’re wearing clothing that is a bit clingy. You can almost take about four inches from the waist when the Rago is worn. You can easily loosen the trainer if it feels too tight or make it tighter if you want to have more of a slender look. The trainer also forces you to walk and sit with better posture, so it can make you look a few inches taller as well. It gives women back the youthful waistline that they have been missing without a lot of effort. It’s ideal for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to exercise and who still wants to have that slender appearance while wearing a variety of clothing.

One of the things to keep in mind is that the sizes are a bit on the small side. You want to get a size larger than you normally wear in clothing so that you have the comfort while the waist is cinched. The satin panels on the sides of the trainer are what pull in the waist. While they are comfortable because of the fabric, they can begin to make you feel like you’re in a small tube if you wear the trainer for hours at a time.