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The No Waist Clique Luz Marina Waist Clincher features a zipper in the front to make it easier to get on and off. The material fits snug against the skin while providing comfort no matter what you wear. It also allows for being comfortable while wearing the clincher for long periods of time. Maximum support is provided so that you have have an hourglass figure with little effort from exercising or dieting. When you’re wearing the cincher, you have that perfect waistline that can make others envious, making it easier and fun to wear everything from slimming jeans to form-fitting dresses and skirts as you can’t tell that the garment is under your clothes.

coachman3160pk_043_1024x1024When it comes to price, this is the ideal option for those who want o have a slimmer appearance without spending a lot of money. It’s not so inexpensive that you think that it won’t work or that it will come apart after it’s washed a few times, but it’s not so pricey that you can’t afford to have a cincher in the closet.

The best quality of material is used with the cincher. Soft rubber latex is on the outside, which helps in preventing it from being seen by others while you’re wearing clothing. The inside of the cincher is made with 100 percent cotton, giving you a soft feeling while it’s worn for hours at a time. It’s a product that breathes while it’s being worn, which can prevent a lot of sweating, making it easier to get the cincher off at the end of the day. Many people who have worn the cincher have had success in losing weight as well. The material stimulates blood flow while gently increasing the core body temperature, which helps to burn calories for those who wear the cincher while exercising or even taking a brisk walk.