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If you’re looking for shapewear that gives you an enviable hourglass shape and is comfortable at the same time, the FLEXEES Wear Your Own Bra Shaping Torsette might be exactly what you need. This garment is produced by Maidenform, one of the biggest names in the women’s undergarment industry.


When it comes to finding a good piece of shapewear, fit is crucial. The FLEXEES Shaping Torsette delivers in this regard, providing a snug, streamlined fit that accentuates your curves while minimizing the appearance of fat. It’s long enough to provide good lower stomach control as well as upper back control, giving your entire torso a smoother, leaner look. While many articles of shapewear simply smooth out the wearer’s midsection, this torsette goes above and beyond by giving breasts a lift as well. If you’re looking for a piece of shapewear that accentuates all of your curves, not just your waist, this might be the one for you.


flexees-shaping-torsette-2Appearance isn’t everything when it comes to shapewear – the product has to be comfortable enough to wear all day, too. The FLEXEES Shaping Torsette delivers in this regard, providing an all-day comfortable fit. Unlike many pieces of shapewear, this one won’t roll up, so you won’t need to adjust it much over the course of the day. Though the fit is snug – that’s what shapewear is for, after all – the fabric is breathable, so you won’t overheat. As a bonus, this torsette provides support for back pain and gives your posture a boost.


You can wear your own bra with this torsette, as its name implies. Because the torsette supports breasts from underneath without actually covering them, it’s a good choice for large-busted women. It’s also ideal for women who are currently breast-feeding, since you can wear a nursing bra with it.

This torsette looks good under many types of clothing, especially loose-fitting or professional clothes. If you like to wear snug-fitting clothes, though, be aware that some seams may show through your clothing. If you’re concerned about the torsette being visible, you can wear a tank top over it to minimize the appearance of seams.

This torsette holds up well over time. Wash it on the delicate cycle of your washing machine, or wash it by hand and let it drip dry – it will last a long time.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for good shapewear for any occasion, the FLEXEES Wear Your Own Bra Shaping Torsette might be the right choice for you. It gives your figure a boost while remaining comfortable all day. The only downside to this torsette is that, depending on what you wear, its seams may show through your clothes unless you wear a tank top over it. Overall, whether you reach for shapewear every day or only on special occasions, this torsette is a comfortable and effective choice.