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The Charmain waist trainer is a corset that is designed to cinch the waist, providing proper posture while holding your stomach flat. This is a product that is often used by those who play sports so that they can get the most benefit of exercising in order to get a slim appearance. The anti-sagging design helps to give volume to the breasts while the corset is worn. It also helps to control flabby arms. The corset provides support to the back to help stabilize the discs and to ease sprains and lower back pain.

charmain-waist-trainer-review1When ordering the Charmain waist trainer corset, you need to get a size smaller than you would normally wear in clothing because it does have a bit of room to move around if you get a size that’s too big. There are three hooks in the front of the corset that pull it together. You can keep the lower hooks fastened if you don’t want it to fit snugly, but to get the best results, you need to connect all of the hooks as this will give you the proper support.

At times, you can see the corset underneath the clothing that you wear. It’s often seen with tighter dresses and shirts. If you wear a loose-fitting shirt and pants or jeans, then you usually won’t be able to see the corset underneath. This is ideal for going out in the evening or going to work so that the stomach is kept flat, allowing you to wear flattering clothing that you might not be able to wear otherwise.

When you wash the corset, you need to do so on a delicate cycle. If you wash it on hot water and dry it in the dryer, there is a possibility that it could shrink or that the seams can begin to unravel. Washing by hand and letting the corset air dry is the best way to care for the corset.