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Many people are delighted with the Camillia’s Corsests Women’s Waist Trainer Belt. Available in small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large, this training belt excels at shaping your body into that perfect hourglass figure during your daily routine or your most vigorous workouts. We reviewed the construction, the wear, and the exercise utility of the belt below.


The Women’s Waist Trainer Belt from Camilla’s Corsets is constructed from 4 acrylic bones. The bones are encased in heavy canvas, and the canvas is also hand washable. Velcro straps are used for tightening the trainer belt, and rows of straps increase the durability of the belt. The belt is able to endure significant use over time.


The double Velcro straps are a huge plus on the Camilla’s Corsets Women’s Waist Trainer Belt. The extra straps provide greater sizing accuracy. You won’t need to worry about if your belt will be too small or too large. The extra straps allow you to always make certain it fits perfectly. The straps also allow the training belt to remain firmly attached to your body at all times. The belt doesn’t shift or wiggle throughout the day. Also, the training belt is slim and discrete enough to be worn under ordinary clothes to help you look your best for all occasions.


camellias-corsets-womens-waist-trainer-beltOne the key advantages of the Camilla’s Corsets Waist Trainer Belt can be found in the mesh construction located at the back of the belt. The belt is designed for wear throughout the day and during exercise. The mesh backing provides maximum airflow to keep you from feeling too sticky and sweaty. This is a huge plus for those looking for a waist trainer belt to wear during weight training or aerobic activity. It is also great for women interested in wearing their waist training belt beneath their clothing during warmer seasons. Additionally, the Velcro straps allow the training belt to be adjusted quickly during a workout. If it ever becomes too uncomfortable, the Velcro straps allow the waist training belt to be removed quickly and discretely.

Taken as a whole, the Camilla’s Corsets Waist Trainer Belt is a great investment for those seeking to obtain a reliable waist trainer belt for use in all situations. The double set of Velcro straps allows a woman to enjoy a secure fit throughout the day, the mesh backing provides great ventilation for workouts, and the belt is sure to last through countless wearings. Also, the price simply can’t be beat. If you are looking to own your very first waist training belt, this might very well be the belt for you!