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Ann Chery’s 2022 3 Hooks Fajas Vest Waist Trainer is designed for women to cinch up their waist.

The trainer will help women get to their goals of having a thinner waist and midsection.

ann-chery-2022-3-hooks-fajas-latex-vest-waist-trainerInitially, users will want to allow the trainer to mold to their body and it should be worn for brief time periods, a few hours at a time. Once the trainer is broken in, users can wear it for a longer time period each day.

Start off with wearing it for just about 2 hours a day for the first two days, then three hours a day for the next two, then four days for the next two and keep increasing. It can be worn for up to ten hours a day.

Many women wear this vest for both normal casual use but also to work out in.

While wearing this vest, women noted that they have a more flattering silhouette look. This is how the vest works, in two positive ways. First, it is actively helping women slim down by keeping the body temperature up and squeezing out water weight. And second, it will help women appear thinner under their normal clothes.

The manufacturer recommends getting a size up from the waist that women normally wear. There are three hooks so as women start to lose weight, they can switch to the next smallest hook and see their progress.

Women have said that this vest is comfortable on their skin to wear for the entire day.